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Affordable Rollerblades

Many people like to skate inside, but the truth is that our versatile rollerblades can be used on almost any flat surface. Get outside and have fun with the help of Roller Skates of America's affordable in-line skates. We strive to provide reliable, speedy service in Lawndale, California, and the surrounding area.

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In-Line Skating Professionals

Here at Roller Skates of America, we stand by all of our great products. If your rollerblades are not adjusted, we'll make sure that they fit you comfortably.

Long-Lasting Repairs

We don't just sell you the skates and wave goodbye. Our staff is here to provide repairs, and we offer free tune-ups within six months of your purchase. We fix all kinds of skates, including our classic quad skates. Our repair services include:

• Changing Wheels • Damaged Soles • Tune-Ups • Bearings • Torn Skates

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