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Quad Skates That Are Built to Last

Quad Skates That Are Built to Last

If you're looking for a great workout that's easy on the joints, give roller skating a try. Roller Skates of America provides high-quality skates that make for a fun workout that's just as beneficial as jogging. Visit our store in Lawndale, California, today!

A Variety of Quad Skates

If you're going with a traditional style of skating, we can customize the item to meet your needs. Our amazing quad skates come in a number of different packages, and we have a variety of wheels available. Our wood wheels give you a nice slide, and the fiberglass provides an even better slide. Great for indoor skating, bone wheels offer less grip, and they're great for tricks as well as rolling. It all depends on what you want to do with your skates. Our experienced staff members can offer suggestions.

Custom Quad Skates

Of course you're going to feel more comfortable in your own shoes! Bring in your own footwear, and we will put it together to your liking, resulting in unique, custom roller skates. We also carry a line of specialty item shoes for quad skates. You can choose the plate, wheels, and bearings, and we'll build your skates here on-site.

Custom Colored Roller Skates
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